How much will the Battery Pack charge my phone?

Our Battery pack will charge your iPhone 6 100% and your iPhone 6 Plus to a 90% charge.

How quickly will the Battery Packs charge?

0-60% in 15 minutes
0-100% in under one hour.

How is STACKED charging better than Qi charging?

98% efficiency vs. 40% efficiency

How long does it take to charge my 360 Speed Case Phone with the AC wireless charging Plug?

Your phone will charge as fast as plugging it into the wall with the standard lightning cable. Will charge your phone in about an hour.

How do I charge my phone with my STACKED case?

Place your phone with your 360 Speed Case on the AC wall plug to charge your phone.

When I am charging my iPhone and my STACKED POWER PACK together, which one charges first?

Your STACKED Power Pack knows to charge your iPhone first and then itself. Just in case you don't have the time to charge both, your smartphone comes first.

How do I charge my phone with my power pack

Simply magnetically attach your power pack and your phone charging will begin automatically.

How long does it take to charge my STACKED Power Packs?

Each Power Pack takes under hour for a full 2000 mAh charge.  We have a quick charge of 15 minutes for 80% charge of your power pack.

What if my Power Pack is getting warm while charging?

Not a problem. Sometimes the electronics and the battery in your smartphone and case are working extra hard to provide you with the power you need and may get warm.

What do the LED lights show?

Each LED bar indicates a 1/3 charge. Push the side button to see battery level.

What kind of battery is used in the Power Pack?

Your Power Pack uses a specially formulated lithium polymer battery cell with safe circuitry to ensure safe charging of your case and smartphone.